Delegation of Foreign Senior Military Officials Visits IASZNU

On the morning of October 17, 2018, Major General Xu Hui from National Defence University of PLA led a delegation of more than 70 foreign senior military officials to visit IASZNU.

Group photo of the participants

On behalf of the Institute, Director Liu Hongwu welcomed and introduced the history of IASZNU to the foreign military delegation. Liu said that the China-Africa communication has a long history. Since Ming Dynasty, Zheng He brought porcelain, tea and other gifts to Africa. Today, the relation between China and Africa are getting closer and closer. During the meeting, Director Liu also recalled his study experience in Africa.

The delegation members listens to the lectures

Director Liu Hongwu gives a welcome speech

Dr. Michael proposed that lack of knowledge and skills place African economies at a significant competitive disadvantage and in turn deprive the continent the possibility of reducing poverty. Poverty reduction in Africa cannot be possible by Charity but by ‘Sharity”.

Dr Michael gives a lecture about China-Africa economy and trade cooperation

Mr. Yoro believe that Chinese and African people should strengthen cooperation in the security field, so that to jointly promote the development between the two sides.

Mr Yoro gives a lecture about China-Africa cultural and security cooperation

Dr. Hodan played a documentary clip of Africans in Yiwu, which is the first documentary film in China to be co-directed by a transnational team from China and African countries. It is a series that describes the lives and struggles of the African community in the city of Yiwu.

Dr Hodan introduces the documentary of “Africans in Yiwu”

The delegation presents a gift to IASZNU

Director Liu Hongwu (L) and Major General Xu Hui (R)


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