IASZNU is structured into 4 research centers, 1 administrative office, 1 educational aid center, 3 professional centers, and 1 overseas Confucius institute.

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Center for African Political and International Relations Studies

The center has 8 faculty members, of whom 2 are professors, 1 is an associate researcher, 5 are assistant researchers. Its main research fields are African politics, international relations and Sino-African relations. The ongoing projects of the center cover the areas of Sino-African relations, Africa’s relations with world powers, the Darfur issue of Sudan, African NGOs and country studies.

Center for African Economic Studies

The center has 3 faculty members, of whom 2 are assistant researchers, 1 is an assistant. Its main research fields include contemporary African economy, Sino-African economic and trade relations, models of the economic development of African countries, Chinese investment in Africa and risk aversion.

Center for African Educationall Studies

The center has 5 faculty members, of whom 1 is a professor, 3 are associate professors and 1 assistant researchers. It’s main research fields include African education, Sino-African educational cooperation.

Center for African Historical and Cultural Studies (under-construction)

The center has 3 faculty members, of whom have doctor's degree.it’s main research field include African anthropology, African religions and African cultural studies.

Administrative office

Currently, it has 5 staff members, who are respectively in charge of administrative and personnel affairs, academic affairs, library and foreign affairs, media and publicity affairs, and postgraduate affairs.

Center for Books and Materials on Africa

Since its foundation in September 2007, IASZNU has been taking the Center for Books and Materials on African Studies as one of its key projects. Up to now, some 1.2 million RMB yuan has been invested in the Center and an annual budget of 500,000 RMB yuan will be invested by the University.

Currently, the Center has a working area of 300 square kilometers. It has over 6,000 books on African studies, including more than 3,000 original edition books, most of which are written in English except for French, Arabic and Japanese. The Center is also trying to collect books written in Hausa and Swahili. The books cover the fields of African politics, economy, education, culture, arts, law, geography and so on. The Center also submits over 90 journals, including 37 original edition periodicals specialized in African studies.

Besides, the Center has 1 full-time librarian and a set of professional supervision equipment for books and materials. The academic website of IASZNU offers consultation service for books and materials; the internet database is under construction; and IASZNU has established ties with some key academic organizations at abroad. Up to now, the Center has become the first professional center for books and materials on African studies with an increasingly developing construction scale and function.

Center for African Arts and Media Production (under-construction)

The center aims to use modern media technologies to expand the perspective of African studies. It will shoot documentaries featuring African landscape and persons of historical significance in course of Sino-African relations.

Center for African Investment and Trade Consulting (under-construction)

The center will integrate the resources of IASZNU to provide consulting and training courses for businesses, and to serve the social and economic development of Zhejiang Province and the greater Yangtze River Delta region.

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