Based on the gist of Sino-Africa Cooperation Forum, IASZNU conducts researches on important theoretical and practical issues about Africa’s education reform and development. It plays an active role in training personnel for aid to Africa and constructing the educational foreign aid base undertaken by ZNU, practicing academic co-operations and exchanges with universities at home and abroad and develops text books for the market of African education as well.

IASZNU has been involved in many educational aiding-Africa projects applied and taken by the university since it was founded. In 2007, it undertook the Project of Middle School Principals’ Seminars for Anglophone African Countries. These seminars trained 200 education officials and university presidents including 30 officials of education minister’s rank, 40 education officials, 40 university presidents and 20 high education administration stuff from 40 African countries such as Algeria, Egypt, Ethiopia, Benin, Burundi, Botswana, Cameroon, Equatorial Guinea, CGO, COD, Togo, Guinea, Djibouti, Ghana, Gabon, Zimbabwe, Comorin, Cote d'lvoire, Kenya, Liberia, Lesotho, Rwanda, Madagascar, Mali, Mauritius, Martinique, Morocco, Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa, Nigeria, Niger, sierra leone, Sudan, Tanzania, Tunis, Zambia, and Central Africa.

In the training process, 20 African University presidents signed interuniversity cooperation contracts with ZNU. Under the guidance of the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Commerce, ZNU successfully completed the seminars, which were well received by the participants. Just as the president of the University of Lome, Togo said on the graduation ceremony of the Seminar for Francophone African University Presidents on August 25, 2005, “Now China is totally awake, but the world does not tremble” as an opposition to the French politician Alan’s statement “The world will tremble when China wakes up”. This is his own feeling after half a month’s visit and study in China, and it also conveys the major achievement of the eminar for Francophone African University Presidents – promoting Sino-African cultural communication and enhancing Sino-African Cooperation.

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