IASZNU, co-founded by Zhejiang Normal University (ZNU) and the China Education Association for International Exchange on September 1, 2007, is the first institute for comprehensive African studies in a Chinese higher education institution, whose foundation indicates that the discipline of African studies in China is coming to a new stage.

Research work in IASZNU is specialized into 3 disciplines: African educational studies, African economic studies, and African political and international relations studies. It is going to establish a center for African information consultation and a multimedia studio, construct the database for African studies, and start up such key research projects as “Classic Translation Series in Global African Studies”, “The Countries Studies Series in African Education”, “The Special Subject History of Africa”, “A History of African International Relations”, “Research on Contemporary African Development” and so on. The research staff have excellent academic performance and have undertaken several projects entrusted by the national social sciences fund, Ministry of Education of PRC and social sciences fund of Zhejiang Province. Some of the projects got MOE teaching achievement and teaching material awards.

Since 2008, IASZNU began to enroll postgraduates in world history and comparative education. The comparative education program attaches great importance to a good command of theory and knowledge in comparative education and African educational studies by the MA candidates, who can undertake theoretical and practical work in academic and pubic institutions or enterprise units. The MA candidates in world history are supposed to have a good knowledge of world history and African historical studies to undertake theoretical and practical work in academic and pubic institutions or enterprise units. IASZNU has established academic ties with over 20 African universities and some important institutions in African studies. The MA candidates with excellent academic performance will be selected to study in Europe, Japan and some African countries for one year after they finish their compulsory courses. Those postgraduates with good achievements will be given priority when the Institute brings in talents.

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